40.000 Seedlings are on the Way

40.000 Seedlings are on the Way

The seedling production continues in OIC’s Cinta Raja Restoration site. The 40.000 target of seedlings is not far away ahead. With the embrace of the mother of nature, each of the seedlings that we produce with heart grows gracefully.

Jengkol; one of the favorite food for the orangutan are being germinated

It is one of OIC’s vision to restore this ex-palm oil plantation land, back as its firstly purpose; as the home for wildlife, orangutan in particular. With the assistance of the local people to fill the poly bags and collecting these seedlings, our staff feel positive that the target of producing 40.000 seedlings within only 3-6 months is not impossible.

40.000 seedlings are not far away ahead

Looking at the green leaves of the seedlings and the water drops from the sky, we know that our effort is approved by the mother nature. Hopefully, our effort to bring back this land as the forest homes for the wildlife will be always smooth and succeed. Would you cross finger for us, people? Don’t forget to keep supporting us to implement this project!