9 Volunteers took parts in OIC’s Community Development Program

9 Volunteers took parts in OIC’s Community Development Program

Last week, OIC has privilege to have 9 volunteers from Europe to join our community development programme in one of our site, Gayo Permaculture Centre (GPC).


These girls came from many places such as Germany, UK, US Bermuda and Sweden joining the Gap programme held by Gapforce UK and OIC. This year, this program has been going on 3 times.

Trough this programme, the volunteers got involved and learned in some of OIC project. One of them is GPC. In this centre, they learned how to create the organic compost, pesticide, and other organic farming methods. They also got involved to plant trees and conducted training to the local people.

“We are very proud to be able to join this programme. We learned about OIC and how amazing selfless work you do to save the Sumatran 0rangutan from near extinction.  Special thanks to Nayla for teaching me about the Indonesian culture and for letting us help to regrow the forest. It has been the most rewarding work of my life knowing that I am actually helping all of the animals in Sumatra.” Andrea Samuelson, one of the volunteer from Sweden said.

OIC always welcome anyone who wants to come and learn with us to learn how to protect orangutan and their home. Are you one of them? Make yourself connected with us.