A Greeting from Halaban Restoration Site’s Wildlife on World Wildlife Day

A Greeting from Halaban Restoration Site’s Wildlife on World Wildlife Day

The happiest feeling is to see the restoration site grows very well and it has regrow the function as the home for many wildlife once again. That is what i call a hope comes true – Nayla


Today, 3rd March 2018 is one of the most important conservation days as this day has been set as the World Wildlife Day. This day is important to remind us, humans, to always remember that this earth does not only belong to human but we share this beautiful planet with others magnificent creatures as well.

Cekakak Belukar (Halcyon smyrnensis) found in Halaban Restoration site


It is Halaban Restoration site that always brings a flutter feeling in my heart or other people’s heart that has been there.  Once illegal palm oil expansion and such a degraded not to mention a damaged forest, now it grows well as the secondary forest after a decade. Seeing the forest grows each day, higher by times, makes the place change each time I see it.  Once only a hope but now it incarnates to be a magnificent reality.

The trees that we planted with our hands has been growing well and not becomes the home of wild orangutan


Was I bragged too much about it. Once again, people who are lucky enough to have a chance to come here will absolutely agree with this. Based on the camera trap data that we put on the site randomly, we have got many footages of wildlife that has returned back to the area such as Felis Bengalensis, a variation of bird, porcupines, a variety of deers, and many more. all the credit goes to our supporters that have the same vision, willingness and share believe with us. That any changes will be significant if we work and take our own parts. Keep supporting us and sending you all the love from the wildlife of Halaban Restoration site.