A Month Volunteering Programme with OIC

A Month Volunteering Programme with OIC

“Share your knowledge. It is a way to achieve immortality.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

Sharing is caring. It is one of the popular terms recently and volunteering provides wide range means of it. As an OIC that is dedicated to the conservation of orangutan and their forest homes, we understand that many people want to give their contribution as well. As the matter of fact, it amazes us to find that there are many people has the same beliefs towards the better future of the orangutan and their forest homes and want to give their contribution as well.



The volunteers and the construction workers of Leuser Nature School of OIC

Last month, we feel privileged to have 3 international volunteer girls came from different countries in the world. Annabel (UK), Nora (US) and Pandora (Denmark) flew from afar to help us with the ground works for 4 weeks. With the time, it is enough for them to an experience of working in the Leuser conservation programme and supporting our staff in some of our flagship programmes such as restoration project, HOCRU and community development project.  From planting trees to orangutan monitoring, all of the hard work that demanded a strong commitment and physical strength. Not only that, the volunteers also learned about the issues and challenges of Leuser conservation directly.

Pandora, one of the volunteers, helped our staff to plant trees with a wide smile

“The experience that I have gotten from this volunteering programme is such an eyes opening.  I learned so much how important that the work can be, not only for the ecosystem but also to the wildlife and human” Nora, one of the volunteers said. Nora and the other girls are only few from our supporters. However, these young people have proved their care to such a significant action by volunteering with us. If you share the same feeling, come and join us!


                Maintaining trees was not as easy as it looked!