A Mourning Grief From Halaban Restoration Site

A Mourning Grief From Halaban Restoration Site

A shocking news came from our restoration programme. One of the best staff, Edy Bardok, passed away last week (4th July 2018). He started joining OIC’s restoration programme from 2008 up to now. From his hands, hundred thousands of trees had been planted with love. Starting with zero knowledge of tree species, he grew as the walking dictionary of the endemic plant species.


hundred thousand of trees had been planted with his green hands


Bardok passed away just a view hours after planting activity. “Bardok wasn’t feeling good at the day. But kept insisting to work planting the trees. After a few hours, he said his pain was getting intense and fainted. We lost him at once! i still can’t believe this. Such a great man, a big loss” said Rio, OIC restoration manager.


Bardok set the camera trap for the wildlife monitoring around the site


His dedication to work to restore the damaged forest is one of our key of restoration’s success. Tirelessly, he poured all of his hard works to restore the damaged forest.  He is our local hero for forest restoration. Our sorrow is more than we can tell. Rest in peace, Bardok! we believe his soul are roaming free inside the forest that he regrew with his passion.

the trees that he had planted growing even higher than himself