A new start for Lalas and James

A new start for Lalas and James

On 14th May 2019, the HOCRU team worked together with local forestry authorities to evacuate female orangutan and her baby from a local resident’s plantation in Alur Selalas village, Aceh Province.

Carrying Lalas and James to safety. Photo courtesy of Orangutan Information Centre

Later named Lalas (mother) and James (baby), the pair were tranquilised and evacuated safely. A general health check by HOCRU’s vet revealed that Lalas is about 25 years old and weighs 45 kg, while James is estimated to be about 1 year old. As both mother and baby were in good health, the team released them back into the wild in the forest later that day.

Lalas and James return to the forest. Photo courtesy of Orangutan Information Centre.

Carrying out a rescue during Ramadan fasting is not easy, but the team is dedicated, and being able to release a healthy pair of orangutans into a safe forest area makes everything worth it.

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