Act Now to Support the Leuser Ecosystem

Act Now to Support the Leuser Ecosystem

The importance of Leuser Ecosystem sustainability is unquestionable. The amazing biodiversities and wildlife species live in harmony inside of Leuser’s kingdom. Needless to say, Leuser Ecosystem also has such an important role to guard the global climate by absorbing carbons pollutions. Now, Leuser need us to guard it.

Irwandi Yusuf, the newly elected Governor of Aceh, has acted such a significant action to support the Leuser Ecosystem conservation. Irwandi has extended a moratorium on mining and palm oil expansion permits in the Leuser Ecosystem! This act was one of his campaign promises and has been awaited by all of Leuser’s conservationist and supporters worldwide.


The magnificent of Leuser Ecosystem


His reputation as “The Aceh’s green governor” seems like not just an image. By extending the moratorium on mining and palm oil expansion permits, Irwandi proved himself suits with the reputation. It is not a secret that mining and palm oil expansion are the biggest threats haunting the Leuser’s ecosystem sustainability.  The support from the government such as from Irwandi is one of the keys to ensure the Leuser’s ecosystem sustainability itself.



orangutan, as one of the amazing creature lives inside of Leuser’s kingdom


Are you, our readers are one of the thankful people to Irwandi for his wise act? Click the link as follows for further details, thank him and please sign the petition. Let’s hand in hand to support the conservation of this magnificent Leuser. Keep supporting us! together we create the brighter future for Leuser’s ecosystem.