And The Story Began…

And The Story Began…

This week is one of the special week for us, as it is the first week of our Sekolah Alam Leuser (Leuser Nature School) is officially started! This school project is initiated by OIC with the aim to develop the local community through education for the secondary level. It is chosen as secondary level school quite hard to be found within the area of Bukit Mas village.


The students lined up before entering the classroom at the first time

Sekolah Alam Leuser is a school that accomodates free education for children with the conservation based curriculums. It also promotes the activity based of learning for the students to enjoy the process. No homework needed! To begin with, 16 students from the area around Bukit Mas village are exited to study in this unique concept of school.


The eco-friendly classroom atmosphere to promote the conservation values to the students



“I feel so exited to start my education here. It is the third day already and each of the subject were delivered with activity and I have so much fun. I don’t feel like learning at all” said Prayogi, one of the students.

The students is stimulated to be creative

This school is a new start for this area, for sure it will bring many changes. The students are expected to be a conservational ambassador for their family and their society. With that, the sustainability of the Leuser ecosystem will be fine as the spirit will be continued as well. Keep supporting us!