Another Life saved, Another Second Chance of Happiness

Another Life saved, Another Second Chance of Happiness

It was the beginning of December 2017 only, but OIC HOCRU team had a tight and busy schedule. On this occasion, the joint team consisted of OIC HOCRU, BKSDA Aceh, CRU and local people have evacuated 1 female orangutan. This orangutan was found inside of the local people’s plantation in Jambo Dalem village, East Trumon Subdistrict.

The joint team worked together to evacuate this orangutan


This orangutan was estimated about 35 years old with 60kg of weight. The information was received from one of our partners, FKL, which at that time was around the area.Realizing the situation, FKL called OIC HOCRU team to conduct the rescue operation to evacuate this poor one immediately.

This orangutan found in the good health condition

Finding the orangutan with a good health condition, she was released on the same day at 10 PM back to the Gunung Leuser National Park inside of Leuser Ecosystem. The tense situation happened during this evacuation that the joint team had to cross the orangutan through the river by using the sling rope. Crossing the orangutan safely, the joint team released her back to her home supposed to be, Leuser forest. Second change of freedom, the second time of true happiness for this one. Keep supporting us, folks.

crossing through the orangutan by using the sling rope