Another Life Saved by the HOCRU team of OIC

Another Life Saved by the HOCRU team of OIC

A beautiful female orangutan was successfully rescued from Lima Subvillage, Perkebunan Bukit Lawang village, Bahorok Subdistrict, Langkat district – North Sumatera this past Friday (19/05/18). This orangutan that later was named Nayla, was found swinging between branches of palm oil trees. The plantation she was spotted in was located within a stones throw away from the houses of the local people. When the Human and Orangutan Conflict Response Unit (HOCRU) team arrived, locals were crowded around Nayla and trying to coax her to the ground by throwing bananas into the trees she was in. Suffice it to say, this did more harm than good, and Nayla continued to retreat from the area. Eventually, right before the rescue was to take place, she entered the neighboring rubber plantation. The HOCRU team, joined by GLNP Authority, North Sumatran BKSDA, and some local guides rushed into the forest in a communal effort to save Nayla.


Nayla was found swinging among the palm oil trees


During the rescue, Nayla was sedated and a general health check was performed to ensure she was healthy enough to be released back to Leuser forest area. Nayla, despite having been stranded in the plantations for two days, was found to be in good enough health to be relocated. She was estimated about 15 years old with 20 kg of weight. She was moved later on the same day to her forest home. Conducting the Ramadhan fasting didn’t stop our HOCRU team to rescue Nayla.


Ricko, The HOCRU’s vet was preparing the dart


“The dedication of OIC team to save orangutan is unquestionable. All of the efforts that the team was put to save the orangutan while conducting the Ramadhan fasting at the same time are beyond tough. Especially having Nayla, one of OIC team during the rescue. Even though she is a woman, but she is beyond strong that I named this orangutan as Nayla, in her honor.” Herbert, the head of wildlife and conservation agency of Langkat subdivision said.


After being sedated and through the general health check-up, Nayla was found in the good health condition


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