Another Life Saved for the Second Chance of Life

Another Life Saved for the Second Chance of Life

The Human and Orangutan Conflict Response Unit (HOCRU) team is being put to the test this Ramadhan. Just one day after rescuing a female orangutan from Perkebunan Bukit Lawang village (see the previous article for more information), the team was received information upon the presence of an orangutan in PIR ADB village, Sei Lepan subdistrict, Langkat district of North Sumatra province on Sunday (20/05/18). The report mentioned that this orangutan stranded inside of farmland located within the Gunung Leuser National Park area. Just hours after the call, the HOCRU team had feet on the ground and eyes on the frightened orangutan. After a sleepless night tracking the orangutan through the GLNP, our HOCRU team was joined by GLNP authorities and the rescue could commence.


        the orangutan was sedated and landed safely on the net


The orangutan was smoothly tranquilized, and after a medical examination that showed slight malnourishment, it was determined that she was in good enough shape to be translocated. At the same day, Bangkit was released back to the Leuser forest area, for her second chance at life to live in the peaceful life at last. Carrying her heavy cage with Bangkit inside, the HOCRU team together with OIC’s restoration staff, were crossing the river to relese her to the forest. Conducting the ramadhan fasting and doing the rescue at the same time were hard enough. However, the slippery river bottom and heavy cage made the team trying their best with the last energy. “At the end of the day, seeing Bangkit was swinging happily on the trees and that is all matters. It is such an energy booster for us to save more orangutan in need in the future” said Rudi, one of the HOCRU team members.


Through the general check-up, Bangkit was found in the good health condition


Thanks to the hard work of our dedicated HOCRU team members and vet, we were able to save another orangutan from starvation and poaching. Keep supporting us to save more orangutan in need in the future!


Crossing the river and carrying the heavy cage at the same time was a hard effort during the ramadhan fasting