Another life saved!

Another life saved!

A two years old baby orangutan was rescued from Peunaron village, East Aceh district of Aceh province today (16/04/017). The local resident claimed that this baby was found in his farmland and then reported the presence of this orangutan to our partner FKL.


Baung, the orangutan baby was evacuated by the HOCRU team


Calling upon our HOCRU team, the evacuation of this baby was done by working together with Aceh BKSDA and FKL team. The young orangutan, named Baung, was found with a malnourished condition. Now, Baung is on the way to SOCP quarantine centre to start his long haul.

Baung was found with malnourished condition


Does our work stop here? Not quite likely. Our team got the information from the locals that the mother is still in the area. Once Baung is in the safe hands, our team will come back to the area to try to find his mother. Wish us luck, everyone!

Baung will be in the safe hand soon