Beautiful news from Tanzania

Beautiful news from Tanzania

Recently the WWF published a report we’re quite happy to share.

As you may know, ouw partner Mpingo Conservation & Development Initiative (MCDI) has been devolping projects to help the people and forests in Tanzania. Their projects ensure, among other things, awareness of the importance of the forest. But mostly teach residents how they can manage the forests responsibly to earn income from it (Community-Based Forest Management). Like by keeping bees and selling the honey.

The residents of 13 villages have already managed to get their trees FSC certified. By responsibly harvesting these trees, they earned 266.6 million Tsh (more than 104 thousand euros) in 2018! This revenue has been put to good use providing access to medical care, supplying birthing kits for expectant mothers, health insurance and medical care for the elderly and disabled people.

Standards have also been developed for FSC-certified management of national forests. This is an important milestone for MCDI, because it is clearer to residents what they have to meet in order to obtain the FSC certification and the costs for this are limited.

We are very happy that we have been able to contribute to these projects. And of course we hope that we can do much more in the future!

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