Biodiversity App training to Bukit Lawang Guides

Biodiversity App training to Bukit Lawang Guides

“Ecotourism is defined as a responsible travel to natural places, which conserves the environment and sustains the well being of the local people”

Bukit Lawang, as one of the most popular orangutan viewing in North Sumatera, has many potential biodiversities that can be used as the tourism charms rather than relying on orangutan as the icon only. From the endemic plants to the exotic wildlife are the essential keys to drive the ecotourism in the area can be diverse as well as sustain for the variety of the activities and packages. Needless to say, the sustainability of Bukit Lawang is strongly related to the tourism practice on the ground.


Darsima, one of an OIC staff that works to develop this app


Realizing this fact, OIC took the initiatives to help the local guide to develop their capacity so they can be more creative to work as the professional guides. For that, the Bukit Lawang biodiversity app is initiated and designed by OIC by working together with National Park authority, KNCF and TCE from Japan to help the local guides of Bukit Lawang to learn in more details about their environment. By using this app, the guide will be able to learn about plants along with the characteristics and Latin names, varieties of other wildlife such as birds and many other endemic primates.


The local guide of Bukit Lawang followed the training exitedly


As it is generally known, these days, people are more attached to their gadget than anything else. With the fact, this app will potential to be more successful tool to develop the capacity of the guide.   However, despite of our best effort has been put to initiate this app, we believe that any chance will be happening due the personal willingness only. Hopefully, this app is useful as we intend it to be. Keep supporting us!


This app will be able to develop the guides of Bukit Lawang, capacity