Breaking News : A Dying Orangutan Found with Serious Injuries

Breaking News : A Dying Orangutan Found with Serious Injuries
A heartbreaking news was received by the OIC HOCRU team on Saturday, 16th December 2017 that a dying orangutan was found in Reformasi village, East Peurlak subdistrict – East Aceh district of Aceh Province.  This female orangutan was diagnosed in the critical state and being taken care by our HOCRU team.  Realizing the serious critical condition of this one had, the OIC HOCRU team in rushing took her to SOCP quarantine centre for further medical treatment.
Asha’s condition at the first found by the local resident


 The orangutan, later named as Asha, which means Hope (Harapan) in Bahasa, received medical help immediately upon arrival in the SOCP’s quarantine care centre on the dawn time. Asha, estimated 25 years old and 20 kg of weight, suffers the serious fracture in her right arm, dehydration and was malnourished. Asha has been given soft gips to immobile her right hand while her left-hand needs Xray check up to define the injuries.


Ricko Jaya, the vet of OIC HOCRU team gave the first medical support for Asha


A local resident in Reformasi village claimed that Asha was falling down from a tree after delivering a baby. The resident also claimed that the baby was dead and buried in the village. These claims need to be investigated further by our team.


Asha was in rushing taken to SOCP Quarantine centre


Asha is in the safe hand of SOCP’s staff at the moment. However, her tragedy hits us hard and surely, we are not the only one who feels the same way. Please help support our works, people! With your help, we will be able to save more orangutans and their forest homes.