Bringing The Lost Pangolin Back to His Home

Bringing The Lost Pangolin Back to His Home

Local people is one of the most important key for conservation programme. Working with them is essential for the sustanaibility conservation effort not only during the on going program but in the longer future term.

A local resident of Pucuk Lembang village – South East Aceh district, Khairumi, found a lost Pangolin (Manis Javanica) entering his house on Thursday, 11th January 2018. He took the initiative to call OIC HOCRU team and gave his finding to the team.


Kahirumi, the local resident who gave his finding of the lost Pangolin to OIC HOCRU team


This Pangolin is a male and estimated about 2 years old. After conducting a general health check, the OIC HOCRU team found him in the good health condition. Following up, OIC HOCRU team worked together with Aceh Conservation Agency for his translocation process into the safe wild.


The lost Pangolin is back into the wild and breath in the fresh air happily


The Pangolin was released back to his home the day after in protected forest of Panton Luas area. As the matter of fact, Pangolin is the most trafficked mammals in the world and listed as red critically endangered species by IUCN. Having an aware local resident such as Khairumi fills us with such a proud feeling. OIC believes that educating the local people about the human-wildlife conflict is essential to reduce the number of conflicts incident significantly. Join and help us to save more and more wildlife!