Cinta Raja Restoration Site: A Story of Hopes

Cinta Raja Restoration Site: A Story of Hopes

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all” – Emily Dickinson


Cinta Raja III Restoration Site


Almost a year, Cinta Raja restoration site has to start its long journey. Used to be an ex-illegal oil palm plantation, this area was reclaimed by Gunung Leuser National Park authority and OIC from the local people’s hand for its status as the part of National Park area in 2017. Contra version has it going around the area since the most of the local people were commonly bought the land from the previous owner that they lost their money because of the process.


The clearing cut operation by the GLNP authority and OIC last year


February 2017, the clearing cut operation was done that all of the illegal palm oil trees were cut. Since then, the area was officially called Cinta Raja Restoration site III under the management of Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) for the reforestation programme. The long journey began with the new hopes for the orangutan, forest, and human.


Cinta Raja Restoration site after almost a year planting


As the time goes by, many stories have been written as well as some hopes are growing strong. “I hope that Cinta Raja restoration site can be useful for the wildlife as well as the human” Rendy, one of the restoration site worker stated. Does OIC the only one who hopes?


The Local people who assisted the restoration site seasonally during the seedling production


The answer is “NO”. Some local people, who assisted our team for seedling production and planting to get additional income, stated their hope as well. “The part-time work in Cinta Raja restoration site helps me a lot to get additional income. It has been helping me a lot to pay my children tuition since my husband’s salary as the palm oil plantation worker is not enough to cover our family expenses. Even though the work in restoration site is only seasonal however it means a lot to our family. I hope that any work in Restoration site will be sustainable to help me and other local people here”. Will we answer the hope from of the local here? Yes, we can by working together. Join us to bring the sustainable changes for the orangutan, forest, and local people by supporting the Cinta Raja Restoration site. Let’s make all of the hope happen!