Cinta Raja Restoration Site’s Update

Cinta Raja Restoration Site’s Update

The planting activities are still continuing in Cinta Raja restoration site III. Each day, our staff are doing their best efforts to regrow the once damaged forest. From 100 hectares area, 60 hectares have been planting. Not only planting, the monitoring and maintaining are also the most important parts to ensure the survival level of the seedlings.


Rendy, one of the staff from Cinta Raja Restoration site III, was doing the tree monitoring


This month, our staff focuses the works on monitoring and maintaining as June is still the dry season here in Sumatra. The perfect time to do the monitoring to find out about the percentage of the seedling’s survival. “We usually conduct the monitoring and maintaining during the dry season whereas the planting will be conducted during the raining season. We apply this method in order to drive the survival level of the seedlings better. As we all know, newly planted seedling needs as much as possible water so it will be harder for them to survive if we plan them during the dry season” said Rio, OIC’s restoration manager.



Diameter, body and height (DBH) are the essential data to see how well the tree growth


The tree monitoring is done by measuring the diameter, body, and height of the tree. By doing this, the staff will understand the growing state of each seedling. “Our staff will collect each of the data and input it on our database. This is also important not only to see the survival seedlings but also to see the percentage of the nonsurvival or the died trees. So far, we found about 85% of the seedlings that we planted are surviving in Cinta Raja III Restoration site.  Wish our staff luck to be able to grow back the forest as soon as possible!