Conservation Optimism

Conservation Optimism

Conservation Optimists believe that optimism and hope can provide motivation for meaningful action. Sumatran Orangutan Society and the hundreds of other members of the Conservation Optimism community are committed to inspiring people to feel a sense of wonder at the natural world and empowering them to take action to help conserve it.

By taking conservation discussions from ‘doom and gloom’ to a more positive place, Conservation Optimists aim to bring society together as an inclusive movement to work towards a vision of a better future for nature.

A member of Orangutan Information Centre’s forest restoration team hard at work in Cinta Raja, Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo by Andrew Walmsley.

Sumatran Orangutan Society are excited to be a part of this movement. Their Fundraising and Communications Officer, Lucy, says, “It’s clear to us that even the people who care the most about a species still need reasons to remain hopeful sometimes. We can’t expect our supporters to stay positive if we don’t help them to do so, and our recent campaign success with the Rainforest Home appeal was a fantastic reminder of this.”

You can read more about Sumatran Orangutan Society’s commitment to Conservation Optimism on the Conservation Optimism website.

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