Dedicating My Skill to Guard The Leuser

Dedicating My Skill to Guard The Leuser

Forest is important for me, for the better future for all of the human

It has been 4 years for Steve, working as a part of the Forest Wildlife Patrol Unit (forWPU) of OIC. Steve, is one of the ranger team members of OIC that dedicate most of his time to secure the Leuser area. 20 Days of a month, he does the regular patrol inside the Leuser Ecosystem to secure the area from any wildlife crime. For sure, it is not such an easy task to do.


                                Steve, a member of OIC’s ForWPU team


Working inside of the forest area, for sure, it is not easy for him nor the rest of team. They have to work smoothly and carefully. As if a thing went wrong, it would be very difficult since they were deep inside of the forest without any connection to the outside world. “I am a human, for sure I feel afraid of doing each of the operations. A reason why we have to work smartly and carefully” he said.


Steve and another team member of ForWPU team was destroying a wildlife trap found inside of the Leuser Ecosystem


While doing the patrol operation, Steve and his team were often found many sling snares or other wildlife trap. So far, more than hundreds of snares have been demolished by them.  “I have the skill to work as a ranger as I used to be a Search and Rescue team years ago. By having that skill, I am confident to work as a ranger and dedicate my self to secure the forest area” he said. Steve and his team are definitely aware that what they do can pull the trigger of anger to many illegal poachers. Thus, Steve knew that in order to do each of his works safely, his identity will never be revealed.


20 days each month, Steve spends his time inside of the forest to secure the Leuser area


  “I am completely aware how important my work is. Not only securing the area, any cases that we found on the ground is also important to collect the data and expand the investigation into a significant result. Taking our Cinta Raja restoration site as an example, we found 5 people who did the harvesting in an illegal palm oil plantation inside of the Leuser Ecosystem. From there, we expanded the investigation and found 18 other local people who occupied the land. Now we have reclaimed the land and currently restoring the damaged forest. I feel like I was a superhero, working unknown but significant enough to save the world” he said with a wide smile.


Steve is only one of our team in OIC that has been dedicating himself to work to save the Leuser forest. We are thankful each day for having such a great and solid team indeed. Another reason we are thankful for your support! thank you very much from the bottom of our heart and keep supporting us!