Field School for Humbang Hasudutan Coffee Farmers

Field School for Humbang Hasudutan Coffee Farmers

Humbang Hasudutan is not just another remote district in North Sumatra. It has 3 villages in 3 subdistricts and it is quite known as one of the centre of Sumatran coffee productions.

This area is settled by conventional coffee farmers who only learned how to farm their coffee from ancestors to generations. They are never lucky enough to attend any formal education or training about the coffee farming.




OIC implemented the Field School project to help these farmers to improve their capacities. Through this field school, these farmers received the trainings about the Agroforestry and organic farming methods such as prunning their coffee trees, Agroecosystem analysis, composting, organic pesticide,  etc. As getting

As getting such a new knowledge that they never had before, these farmers felt happy and enthusiast. “we are taught about what we never knew before, even the opposite from our conventional knowledge of farming. But once we applied what we have been taught, our coffee’s quality is getting better and better. We couldn’t be happier. ” Purba, one of the coffee farmers said.

OIC realizes that in order to conserve the environment, the local community is one of the most important parts. For that, OIC will never stop to help to develop the local community. For that, we need support from anyone worldwide!