First Rescue of the Year!

First Rescue of the Year!

New year, new spirit to rescue isolated orangtan back to their home.


With the spirit of the new year, OIC HOCRU team carried out the first orangutan rescue operation on 22 January 2018 together with BKSDA Aceh and the Gunung Leuser National park authorities. The orangutan was found isolated in a very tiny remaining forest patch inside Palm oil plantation in South Aceh.


A very tiny forest patch that kept the orangutans isolated


While checking the patch, our team found 3 orangutans (1 Male, 1 mother, and a baby orangutan) around the Area. These orangutans trapped inside the forest patch about 4,5 Km away from their forest home, the Leuser Ecosystem. Finding the male orangutan moved away from the nest, the team conducted the rescue by sedating the orangutan and proceed the translocation into safety in the Leuser forest.


The male orangutan was rescued by sedating and proceeding the translocation


This male orangutan is estimated about 20 years old with 50 Kg of weight. After a thorough health check, our vet found him in a good health condition and on the same day he was released back to the wild. Last year, OIC rescued 23 orangutans from a life-threatening situation. In total 133 orangutans had been rescued from 2012. Please continue to support us so we can help more orangutans in need of help!


The orangutan was released back to the wild at the same day