Freedom For All

Freedom For All
                 freedom face of Karno
The Independence day of Indonesia this year was celebrated by OIC team with the fight of our own way.On this important day, a male orangutan was rescued from Namo Unggas subvillage, Sri Serdang village, Batang Serangan Subdistrict, Langkat district – North Sumatera on Friday, 17th August 2018.
        Karno on the general health check
This orang utan, later named Karno, was found around local residence’s oil palm plantation. Together with North Sumatran BBKSDA and GLNP authority, the OIC HOCRU team sedated the orangutan safely. From the general health check, Karno is estimated about 15 years old, with the weight of 40 kg and good health condition. The rescue operation of Karno was smooth and sucess. On the same day, the joint team released him back to the wild, to his real freedom. Using the momentum of our independence day, we deliver the message that freedom belongs to all creature. Keep supporting us!
        Karno on his release