Gayo Permaculture Centre of OIC Hosted Student Training

Gayo Permaculture Centre of OIC Hosted Student Training

Permaculture is essential to show people to live sustainable by understanding and conserving the ecosystem. I want to share this message as much and wide as possible – Sabar (Permaculture manager of OIC)

Last week, Gayo Permaculture Centre of OIC was proud to host the visit from University Syiah Kuala Banda Aceh and Syiah Kuala Gayo’s students to learn about Permaculture.

Sabar, the Permaculture Manager of OIC explained the Permaculture concept to the students


On this occasion, the students were taught about the Permaculture concept. “Permaculture concept is really interesting for me. Something that I never learned before and I find it has such a high values. As it teaches us to learn to understand and live harmoniously with ecosystem. Biggest thanks for OIC Permaculture team that has taught us this useful knowledge” said Indah, one of the students.

The practical Permaculture training were done directly in each zone of the sites

The enthusiast of the students was highly appreciated by our team. Because we know, a sustainable knowledge is to be shared and useful for others. Keep Supporting our team to spread the positive vibes.