GPC staff Put Their Effort to Repair the Damaged Road

GPC staff Put Their Effort to Repair the Damaged Road

Working to help people is such a non stop work indeed. In order to conduct the success conservation programme, as always OIC creates the local community based programme. GPC was established as the answer to bridge the harmonious life between human and nature, to teach people to earn life without depending to the forest or doing a damage activity such a slash and burn farming method.


The road to get to OIC GPC is quite bad and bumpy

In order to achieve that goal, GPC needs to present the best to be attractive to local people. One of the most essential thing is to show the difference and bring changes. Into the account, the road is one of the supporting facilities that we need to develop to support our programme.


The broken road with many holes were fixed by the staff


Situated in a quite remote area and not to mention on the top of the hill, GPC has such a bad road facilities that could be a problem for the local people who eager to visit the centre. To fix the problem, the GPC staff tried their best to help with the situation and worked together to repair the road.


Our staff worked together to repair the road


“The road is getting better now, thanks to GPC staff. Many positive changes happened ever since the programme. I, as the local people feels happy” said Miran,  one of the local people.

Spreading the positive changes, create a significant benefit for the local, and encourage their support as well as the participation is what we do on daily basis. We can’t do it alone though, so keep supporting us!