Hosting an Eco-tour Trip, OIC Supports the Local People with Additional Income

Hosting an Eco-tour Trip, OIC Supports the Local People with Additional Income

“Ecotourism is about enjoying the nature as it is. The beauty of the pristine forest is something that everyone has to respect and appreciate”

– Panut Hadisiwoyo

This week is another remarkable week for OIC. We are humbled to have Orangutan Odyssey, a travel company that dedicated all of their tour package involving the forest and wildlife conservation.  Based in Australia, Orangutan Odyssey has donated about $ 1 million dollars for the past decade to the conservation programme in Borneo and Sumatra.


Panut, OIC founding director, was presenting the restoration site in front of ORangutan Odyssey participant

Supporting OIC for more than 5 years now, Orangutan Odyssey trusts OIC by regularly visiting restoration site at least once in a year. “OIC is one of the most excellent grassroots NGO I ever came across. Their restoration site is amazing. Every time I came there, I barely recognize the place. Can’t believe that the restoration site was a damaged forest and ex-oil palm plantation” said Garry, the expedition manager of Orangutan Odyssey.

“Having Orangutan Odyssey is such an honor to us. Their vision of saving the environment through the ecotourism is something that any other travel companies in Sumatra need to do as well. Forest is not only as a place to start your trip or adventure, ecotourism sees how you can contribute to the forest sustainability as well. Not to mention, by having this visit, we can be able to provide the additional income for the local people by hiring them to assist this trip” Panut emphasized.


The team was cooling down from the rainforest humidity

Orangutan Odessey team visited our restoration site for 2 days and continued to trek in Bukit Lawang for orangutan viewing. “Even though it is such a short trip but it is such an eyes opening for me. I feel so lucky to find OIC, to witness what they have contributed. Realizing that I also support this fantastic NGO by coming here makes me really happy. Now my head is full of many ideas to support OIC’s project with my own way” Vicky, one of the tour’s participant said.


Restoration site of OIC as the conservation tour’s destination


Forest has such an amazing role in human’s life, from providing the life to the source of once in a lifetime adventure. By choosing your trip wisely, you are not going to create such an amazing Sumatran rainforest adventure but you can also join the effort to support the conservation. Plan your visit wisely and always support the Leuser ecosystem sustainability, everybody!