International Women Day: The Strong Women of OIC

International Women Day: The Strong Women of OIC

Today is #International Women Day! It is the perfect women to introduce our strong women that empower our team for all of this time.


Fransisca Arianti Ningsih – Deputy Director

Fransisca, Deputy Director


Working in OIC for more than 4 years now, Fransisca shows her dedication and love to all of the team. She is the person that would be looked out if one of the team had an obstacle. Exactly, she is the sisters of all of the OIC team. “conservation needs a woman’s touch to make sure everything runs smoothly and well-managed.” Fransisca said. Couldn’t agree more with her!







Syufra Malina – Communication & Reporting Manager

Joining OIC for almost a year, Syufra has the excellent experiences background of working in many NGOs. All of her sharp knowledge is pouring to support and develop OIC’s communication & reporting to be better. “Women are too often left aside from conservation action, whether at NGO or local community level. But we can bring a more constructive, less conflictive vision based on a long-term strategy. And we will prove that it is possible to save our biodiversity and forests while ensuring local development, as stated in the Sustainable Development Goals” she said.




Darsimah Siahaan – Education Coordinator

Began her journey with OIC by receiving the Orangutan Scholarship when she was a university student, Darsimah was one of the only field staff of restoration site. She works in restoration inventories the plants around to produce such a qualified education material. “I love plants and working on the restoration site is such an amazing experience.





Sofi Annisa – Finance Assistant

As a finance assistant, Sofi helps the finance department to be well-arranged. Mostly deals with the male staffs, Sofi feels relieved that all of the male staff are very friendly and funny. “I have a shy nature, however, all of the male staff in OIC are really nice and being my brother in many ways,” she said




And the last but not least…

Nayla  – RFP staff to support OIC

Starting my story by volunteering for 3,5 years with OIC, I learned many things more than I could possibly imagine. First time proposing my self as a volunteer and rejected 2 times have not made me give up since I had a strong feeling that I have my calling here. Ever since my joining, I learned about how selfish some human could be and how some others try to make it right. And I want to be one of human that make it right. All of my life, I want to be useful and working to support OIC has given me no other than that. Even take me to next level of being useful, because our work will bring the impact to nature, wildlife and especially human.




OIC’s women staff are inspiring indeed. We are lucky to have them and we won’t have it the other way. Working in the conservation world that is dominated by men because of the hard work, has proved that they are strong and dedicated. Walking inside of the forest, under the heat of sunlight that is the main nightmare of Asian women,  humidity, ground hard work of restoration are the enhancing of their beauty.


Happy international women day for OIC women staff! yes, they inspire the world.