Introducing: StukjeNatuur

Introducing: StukjeNatuur

Beautiful Cups and StukjeNatuur provide more trees in the Netherlands.

As of February 5, 2021, the StukjeNatuur nature foundation and the sustainable coffee cup supplier Beautiful Cups have entered into a partnership for planting trees in the Netherlands. Beautiful Cups donates an amount for every 5,000 cups purchased by its customers. For this amount a tree is planted in one of the areas managed by StukjeNatuur.

Beautiful Cups is already working in this way in Tanzania and Sumatra. There, the SOS and MCDI foundations ensure that the trees are planted. Now they are applying the same concept in Dutch forests with StukjeNatuur. The joint goal is to plant thousands of trees in the Netherlands every year.

Robert Wolff (Beautiful Cups): “Customers are very enthusiastic about our sustainable coffee concept. The question arose if we could plant trees in the Netherlands too. We are a partner of FSC; they also helped us with our project in Tanzania. And now they have helped us to find a suitable partner for the Netherlands. It is a nice addition to what we do and what we stand for.

For StukjeNatuur it is a good example of how they want to work with companies. William Oppo (StukjeNatuur): “We notice that many companies want to make their living and working environment more beautiful, preferably linked to their activities. This collaboration shows how simple it can be: link drinking coffee to planting a tree. But it could just as easily be paper use or CO2 emissions, for example. And it is even better if the trees are planted within a short distance from the office. It doesn’t get more specific.”

Robert came into contact with StukjeNatuur through FSC Netherlands. This new collaboration could be concluded quickly. FSC Netherlands works daily to increase the share of FSC certified wood and paper on the Dutch market. By linking companies to forests through StukjeNatuur, FSC Netherlands contributes to forest restoration and conservation in the Netherlands.

StukjeNatuur has entered into a partnership with FSC® Netherlands and the Union of Forest Groups, with the aim of planting 3 million trees in 5 years. Due to the collaboration, dozens of areas throughout the Netherlands are eligible for planting. This is desperately needed because many existing forests no longer survive in our new climate. StukjeNatuur offers companies tailor-made solutions to plant trees for customers and employees. More information can be found on the website:

The FSC label was established 25 years ago to protect forests worldwide. The result: more than 210 million hectares of forest, an area comparable to fifty times the size of the Netherlands, has been certified. The impact is enormous, because FSC focuses on nature conservation, but also on social and economic added value. FSC forest management gives a future to people and animals that depend on the forest, and is also an important tool against climate change. Moreover, with FSC wood you are choosing the most environmentally friendly building material.