Meet The Team : Sabaruddin – The Manager of Permaculture Site

Meet The Team : Sabaruddin – The Manager of Permaculture Site

As a Tsunami survivor, i was lost. What i have in mind was about how to work hard no matter how much it takes to proof that i could be as a successful person


Bringing you Sabaruddin, our Gayo Permaculture Centre (GPC)  manager. Growing up as an Aceh tsunami Survivor, Sabar had been through many things. A strong commitment to be a successful person brought him moving to Bali and learned about permaculture.


Sabar and his optimistic’s smile


“Didn’t know what to do after losing my parents in Aceh Tsunami, I decided to join a Bali based NGO as a volunteer and firstly introduced to Permaculture. After their project stopped, I persuaded them to bring me along to Bali so I could learn about Permaculture more” he said while smiling, obviously remembering his bitter moment.


Sabar shows OIC’s Permaculture centre’s crops with proud


The universe welcomed Sabar’s wills and found its way to help this strong-minded young Sabar. He succeeded to find a sponsor and helped him living and learning in Bali. Since then, permaculture has been being the most important part of his life.  His decision upon joining OIC since 2015 up to now was such a fresh air. Together, OIC and Sabar keep conducting the capacity building for permaculture and organic farming method for local farmers living adjacent to the Leuser Ecosystem. His knowledge is such a life-changing opportunity for the farmers. Keep doing your best, Sabar!


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