Missing “Becak” from a Mural Piece of Splash and Burn Work Project

Missing “Becak” from a Mural Piece of Splash and Burn Work Project

Splash and Burn project is a mural project initiated by a Lithuanian Artist, Ernest Zachrevic, in collaborating with SOS and OIC. This project is a series of mural productions with the theme of Forest conservation in North Sumatera. The craving of SOS in a Bukit Mas palm oil plantation last month, was also the part of this project.


The carving SOS on a palm oil plantation last month


Some of these works are also scattered in some places in Medan. One of the famous one is the “becak” mural with children and an orangutan baby on the top, representing the heritage of North Sumatera. This piece was made in the first round of the project last year, in 2017.


The becak mural as part of the splash and burn project series


However, the mural that suppose to be meaningful and important as the iconic of Medan, was damaged with the missing of “becak” piece. This accident was becoming viral and attracted attention from Medan people. Needless to say, this piece of work became more popular when it was damaged.


The missing becak piece of the mural


Ernest, recently came back to Medan and fixed his work. “This kind of things happened all the time, and honestly i’m suprised it lasted this long. Thanks for all of the support” he said.

Despite of all of things happened, the message has to be continued to spread and deliver. Because educating people is a long process indeed. Keep supporting us!