More and More Life Saved

More and More Life Saved
A juvenile orangutan, named Fatimah, was rescued by the joint team of OIC HOCRU, BKSDA Aceh and Idie Rayeuk Police yesterday (10/07/18). This orangutan was kept by a retired military man for 6 years in Kampong Baro village, Idie Rayuek subvillage, East Aceh district of Aceh province. The information about her presence was received by a local resident. Fatima was kept as a pet and had to live inside a small dirty cage.
Fatima was kept as a pet since she was 1 year old.
As the response of the report, OIC HOCRU team came to check for the valid information. Seeing her miserable condition, OIC HOCU team decided to rescue Fatimah for her better life. “Fatima was found in a small dirty cage and she looked stress and miserable. We have t rescue her because she deserve to live in wild as a wildlife suppose to be” said Krisna, the OIC HOCRU team coordinator.
Fatima lived inside a small dirty cage more than she could remember
Trough the medical health check, Fatima was found in malnourished condition. Now, she is in the safe hands of SOCP quarantine centre staff and will be released and breath in the fresh air one day. Our team will always fight to save orangutan in need.
See this video to see some moments of Fatima’s rescue!