More Illegal Palm Oil Trees Down, Another Rain Forest Reborn

More Illegal Palm Oil Trees Down, Another Rain Forest Reborn

OIC just can’t get enough of restoring! More illegal oil palm trees are cut down for the umpteenth time! This occasion, it is taking place in Singkil swamp wildlife reserve adjacent to concession area owned by PT Agro Sinergi Nusantara (ASN) Singkil, Aceh province.


The local people were hired to cut down all of the illegal Palm Oil Trees



Led by Aceh Nature Conservation Agency, known as BKSDA Aceh, OIC also teamed up with Leuser Conservation Forum (FKL), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), ASN company, Aceh Regional Police department, and South Aceh police department. Started on 29th November, the joint team is planning to clear off 100 Ha adjacent areas within a week, and transforms it into peat land restoration site.


Azum, the restoration assistant staff was one of the team members that involved in the clearing cut operation


OIC is trusted by the authorities to conduct the restoration programme in the areas. More seedlings nursery, tree planting activities, canal blocking, and definitely community involvement in restoring the degraded area will be done soon. This is one of the highest challenge for the restoration team since this is the first Peat Restoration programme conduct by OIC. However, what is challenge if it is not to be conquered? Keep your attention and support to our works, because we are expanding and will not stop working for the better rainforest for our future! Will you be apart of us?