New Canopy Trail in Bukit Lawang Orangutan Viewing Centre

New Canopy Trail in Bukit Lawang Orangutan Viewing Centre

The new beginning of 2018 is such an important start of the new development of Bukit Lawang Orangutan viewing Centre, as a new facility of a canopy trail is officially launched. Gunung Leuser National Park authority has been starting the construction from last year and it was finished at the beginning of January 2018. This canopy trail is initiated by the authority as a part of their programme to develop and support the tourism area in Bukit Lawang. As it is generally known that the pristine forest, orangutan and the river are the charms of the place. This canopy trail is expected to complete the experience of the visitors to enjoy all of the lavish charms at once.

Yesterday on 18th January 2018, this canopy trail was officially launched to the public. This launching was attended by the Gunung Leuser National Park authorities, Bukit Lawang Guide Association and the local community leaders. This canopy trail is about 75 Meters from the ground with the 8 people maximum at one passing by.


The new canopy trail in Bukit Lawang


The existence of this canopy trail is welcomed by the guides and visitors enthusiasticly. “This canopy trail will be the new expirience for the visitors. This new facility is good to add the charms of Bukit Lawang as this is the first time we have it” Dedi, one of the guide said. To enjot this canopy trail expirience, you just need to pay about 1,5 Euro per person.


This canopy trail is expected to be the new supporting facilities to develop Bukit Lawang Orangutan Viewing Centre


This canopy trail is the new spirit of the year. However, in order to create such a responsibility orangutan viewing, the authority and visitors need to follow the regulation. As any action that you do inside of the national park will bring the impact to the forest and wildlife. A real ecotourism practice is about enjoying the forest as the natural and prestine as it is, not just about having fun. Be responsible visitor is one of ways to support conservation. OIC will Always be active to educate people for the responsible orangutan viewing practice. Help us to spread more awareness by donating now…

From the top, the visitors can enjoy the amazing forest view and the river