New Hope, New Life for Mona

New Hope, New Life for Mona

Our HOCRU team together with Gunung Leuser National Park authority, BKSDA Aceh, Aceh Barat Daya Police had just confiscated a young female orangutan in Matai Village, Blang Pidie Subdistrict, Aceh Barat Daya district, today (10/10/017). The orangutan, named Mona, is estimated 3 years old.

Krisna, the coordinator of OIC HOCRU Team held Mona affectionately


Mona was kept by a high rangking police officer in the region. Mona was not kept inside of the cage, she was hanging around on his front yard.

Nul, one of the vets of OIC HOCRU team conducted the regular medical check up for Mona

After conducting the general medical check up for Mona, she is stated to be in good health by one of OIC HOCRU team vet, Nul.

    The high ranking police officer gave Mona to the OIC HOCRU team


At the time, the orangutan is in SOCP’s orangutan quarantine centre for her new beginning of second chance at life. Within a week, two orangutan rescues are made possible by HOCRU team of OIC. Sadly, this rescue operation seems not going to be the last. Keep supporting our HOCRU team!

Mona now is on the safe hands