New Mural Art of Orangutan Stole Public Attention

New Mural Art of Orangutan Stole Public Attention

The new stunning mural art in Medan has been succeeding to steal the attention of not only the national level but also to the global attention. This magnificent work is a part of the Splash and Burn project in Sumatra to promote the conservation issues. Located in the heart of Medan city, the SIB traffic circle on Jl. Gatot Subroto, Jl. Perdana and Jl. Sisingamangaraja to be precise, this orangutan mural was made by a Portuguese artist named Alexandre Farto.

The orangutan Tapanuli mural in Medan


Seeing the enthusiasm of the public, Panut the founding director of OIC hopes that this mural will be an awakening to spread the message of Tapanuli orangutan’s conservation effort. “Our initial goal is to raise awareness of orangutan protection, especially Tapanuli orangutans, whose habitats are continued to be exploited” Panut  said.


The crew behind the scene

Everybody can take their own part to support the conservation of orangutan and their forest homes.  Take these Splash and Burn artist as the example, they use their work as their weapon to spread the message of conservation.  Anybody can play their parts, without an exception who they are. As we are united with the same intention, a willingness to do something right for our earth.

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