New Treasure for Village Children in Leuser’s Buffer Zone Area

New Treasure for Village Children in Leuser’s Buffer Zone Area

There is no friend as loyal as a book.
–Ernest Hemingway

A book is not merely stack of papers. In fact, it is a pandora box. Everytime you open the box, there are many amazing things come out and suprise you. At least to me, it is my treasure and my wonderland.

Living in quite a poor family, it made me aware that i had many limitations. My father was just a rubber tipper and we were really poor. I had to live with my aunt that my parents could be focused to take care of my two other siblings. Soothing up the burden they said.

I grew up as a kid with lack of many things. I was the centre of bullying when i was in my secondary school. I had no friends and i was the person who sat on the corner and had no friends.

Books were my loyal friends, accompanying me on my lowest moment of my life. Everytime i hold a book, i felt that i opened a pandora box that bring me to many places. My soul was alive as sudden and roamed around freely. It was my escape, holding books always brought me peace. It continues up to now.

All of my life, i always want to be useful to others. Working to support conservation gives me that feeling exactly. OIC has given my the previlege and it is the best feeling in the world.

After volunteering to teach village kids in Timbang Lawan Village – Bukit Lawang area, i want to continue dedicate myself to develop an education centre and village library in one of OIC’s restoration sites; Cinta Raja.

We are planning to create a village library and education centre for the local kids around the closest village area of Cinta Raja restoration site. At the first stage, we are on the mission to colect some books for the village library there.

My wish is welcomed by some friends of mine. Medan Membaca community is generous enough to support us with some books. Special thanks for my friends Wari who helped to connect me with this community. You guys are the best! You have some books that you want to donate for village children? Kindly email me and let’s create the changes for these kids future!