OIC team in action during Lush Summit 2018

OIC team in action during Lush Summit 2018

Last week was one of the memorable week for our community development team. Why? Because they were invited to join Lush Summit 2018 in London, UK.

Panut and Helen on the main stage of Lush Summit 2018


On the occasion, Panut as the finding director, Sabar as the Permaculture Manager and Binur as the program Manager of OIC flied to UK in order to attend this event. During this annual event, our team had a chance to deliver our programme to the audience to public. The enthusiasm of the audience was such a high complement to our ground work in Sumatera.


Binur presented the OIC programme in front of public


While on the stage, Panut, our finding director and Helen as the director of SOS also sat together to deliver their perspectives during the palm oil debate. Together, we presented to people how damage the massive palm oil expansion can bring to the forest and what we can do about it. Happiness is only the word to represent our feeling as our work can give such a contribution for any change. And that is including to inspire people to care more to the orangutan, forest and human. Keep supporting, our work!