OIC’s Booth in North Sumatran Conservation Expo

OIC’s Booth in North Sumatran Conservation Expo

As one of the conservation NGOs in North Sumatera, OIC always tries our best to share the conservation issues to the public. We believe that educating people is one of the important keys to the conservation success.

Last week, OIC took parts of the Conservation Expo in Lapangan Merdeka, Medan – North Sumatera. This expo was attended by all of conservation NGO in Sumatera. In the total of 40 boots, this expo was visited by people who concern upon the conservation issues.

Panut presented the Restoration project to the Expo visitors

“This particular event is really important as the tool campaign to promote the conservation issues for the public. By understanding the issues, presenting the problems and showing what we have been doing, our hope that conservation will be embraced by public, especially the local people” Panut, Founding Director of OIC, said.

OIC booth visited by many visitors

In our booth, OIC showcased all of the programmes and gained donation by selling the T-shirt, Organic Orange, and Coffee from the farmers who we had the project of the sustainable farming method. By marketing their product, we hope that their product selling will be better as we apply the fair trade and also will get more sustainable demand.  cool events, also amazing visitors. Keep supporting us!

Akhyar, the vice mayor of Medan, visited our booth