Orangutan Caring Scholarship 2018

Orangutan Caring Scholarship 2018

Orangutan scholarship is one of the programmes of OIC supported by OIC’s partner, Orangutan Republic Foundation, since 2016 up to now. With this programme, 117 universities students have been able to get the support in terms of tuition and research fund support. This programme is also intended to increase the students in university level to be able to care more towards the orangutan study and conservation.


Contract signing of a student who get the orangutan caring scholarship programme 2018


This year, 12 students that come from North Sumatran province and Aceh province are lucky enough to be awarded with this scholarship. These students are from the local universities in both provinces namely North Sumatran University (USU), UNIMED, Universitas Medan Area and Syiah Kuala University. By being lucky to get this scholarship, the students are not only getting the opportunity to explore their study but also the opportunity to explore the conservation field as the work opportunity in the future.


Orangutan caring scholarship 2018 will open the new opportunity to their future


Orangutan caring scholarship has changed many lives of the students who got the scholarship previously. 2 of the previous scholarship grantee have been working in the conservation field as a vet and staff in our partners NGO. “I studied in UK also because of receiving the scholarship as well, so I feel very motivated to initiate a scholarship programme like this as well” Panut, the OIC founding director said.


      Orangutan Caring Scholarship 2018’s celebration


The celebration of this orangutan caring scholarship 2018 was implemented last week on 28th Mei 2018 and also coincided with the annual iftar of OIC as well. This event was attended by our NGO partners, government, and our supporters. Keep supporting us!