Organic Compost Training for Humbang Hasudutan Coffee Farmers

Organic Compost Training for Humbang Hasudutan Coffee Farmers

Field school for Humbang Hasudutan coffee farmers looked merrier than usual that day.  The coffee farmers from 3 different sub-districts in Hasudutan district came with their own personal expenses to attend the OIC’s training for organic compost training.

Before the training, these farmers used the chemical fertilizer that cost quite expensive and not the mention of the rare supply. The fact of using this chemical fertilizer also affect the condition of the soil as well to be less and less productive. Through this training, the coffee farmers are taught to produce their own organic compost that can reduce the production cost way cheaper up to 60%.

The housewives learned to prepare the organic compost ingredients

By using this organic compost, the damaged soil from the chemical fertilizer using will be recover time to time. This organic farming has a longer result process since its focus on the soil recovery first. Patiently, the changes will be seen from time to time.

The ingredients for the organic compost taken from local people surroundings

“From this training, we learned that the organic farming will give the sustainable production with the better quality. By producing and using our own organic compost, it does not only reduce our production cost but also brings the better quality of our product. So our product will have the better price. What else we do expect!” Purba, one of the farmer excitedly said.

The farmers learned each stage of the process solemnly

The eager of learning from this Humbang Hasudutan coffee farmers touched us. It is crystal clear that they embrace the OIC’s  programme within their area. Upon the fact, all of our sweat to conduct the programme is worth it.