Photographer Without Border’s Visit to Cinta Raja Restoration Site

Photographer Without Border’s Visit to Cinta Raja Restoration Site

Learning about the conservation issues is for everyone without any exception. This month, OIC is humbled to host a conservation photography trip by working together with a Toronto NGO’s based Photographer Without Borders (PWB). This once a year Sumatran conservation class is intended to bring many photographers worldwide to learn about the art of storytelling and conservation issues in Sumatra.


Rio, OIC’s restoration manager explained about Cinta Raja Restoration project


“All of this time, I’ve been just reading about the palm oil issues here in Sumatra. However, seeing it from the ground brought me such an emotional experience. It surprises me to find how massive the impact of oil palm plantation towards the forest area. It feels surreal! but seeing some champions like OIC who works very hard to restore the damage is very humbled. I learned so much from this trip and will continue to share the story” said Sabrina, one of the photographer.


Rio explained about germination process


“Storytelling is such a powerful tool to spread the message. Photography is a way to tell the story visually and it will bring such a powerful impact. Thus, working with OIC, we invite to come with us to learn about photography and learn about the conservation issues from a leading organization like OIC” said David, one of the instructors of PWB.


PWB team planted trees



Everybody can do their own way of supporting conservation works. As these photographers did, learning about the conservation to combine with their photography skill to send messages about conservation. What can you do? share the message with your own way and keep suporting us.