Planting the Seed of Conservation Spirit for the Youth

Planting the Seed of Conservation Spirit for the Youth

Future starts now. Any desired future can be determined from how do we set the present. For OIC, enhancing the future of Sumatran orangutan conservation is not a trivial matter. Thus, it is necessary for us to start planting the seed of conservation spirit to the youth.


Nayla introduced the Halaban Restoration site to the students


Last week, we had the honor to host the visit from Venture force company that brought 2 secondary schools from UK, Longfield and Catmose to our Halaban restoration site. The visit was done from 14th-21st October 2017 with the total of  55 participants.

Through this visit, the students were introduced to the issues of forest’s conservation, threats as well as OIC’s programs; forest restoration in particular.  By showing Halaban Restoration site, the students learned about the damage of the illegal palm oil can cause and how OIC has been trying to restore the land from 2008 to now. To their shock, none of them could believe that the secondary forest was used to be an illegal palm oil plantation back then.


The students were presented one of the threats to forest conservation, illegal expansion of palm oil plantation


“I never realize how much the destruction of palm oil plantation can be made. I feel sad and grateful at the same time. OIC has proved that a damaged forest can be restored and it brings me so much hope. From now on, I will share my knowledge and choose what product that I will purchase wisely” Ben, one of the teachers from Catmose said.


The students were helping the team to collect the seedling from wildings


Our future will be fine if we make it sure from now on. Come and join us to create a fine future, for the orangutan and their forest homes.

left their soul in Halaban restoration site through planting trees