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Capacity Building Programme for Coffee Farmers

OIC is implementing community engagement programme that fosters the creation of villages which use models of conservation-oriented living on a daily basis. We actively promote environmental education, awareness, and habitat protection, whilst supporting sustainable development and livelihoods at the same time. One of the capacity building program, conducted by OIC, is improving the capacity of coffee farmers in Humbang Hasudutan, North Sumatra, in order to enable them to implement organic coffee farming. This programme is intended to intervene economic factor of the coffee farmers by reducing their production cost, increasing crop quality and production and helping the product marketing. Through this program, 300 farmers from 12 villages are introduced to the organic farming methods, established local corporatives and initiate training for local organic farming leaders to ensure the sustainability of the future organic farming in the villages.

The program began by establishing farmer association and continued by organizing field school session in each of the village areas with 20-30 farmers from each villages. The organic farming methods that are thought to these farmers including the coffee seedling production, treatment and post production. The establishment of compost centre and seedling station are also initiated to complete the facilities that can be useful to support the local famer’s capacity development. In order to expand their knowledge about the development of the coffee product, OIC also initiated the study tour for 18 farmers to Bali and Takengon as both of the area are well known for the internationally recognised quality of their product. We believe that the study tour will enhance their willingness and acknowledge how to develop their own product .

In addition to that, OIC also assisted the local farmers to set up the local corporatives with the purpose to maintain the market price of the product . By selling their product to the local corporative, it will cut the role of the middle man . Thus, the price of the crops will be better . In total, OIC helped to establish 3 local corporative. As the part of the post production assistance, OIC also helps the farmers to market their product by introducing three coffee companies that can be potential as their fixed buyer. From 3 companies that were introduced to the local farmers, one company has agreed to support them as the fixed buyer for each of their crops. By conduction this program, OIC believes that in order to achieve such a good income, it doesn’t only relate to the sixe of the owned land. It also can be relied on the method of farming applied that can affect their crops sustainably. Organic farming method is focusing on fixing the soil for the sustainability of future crops production, it is a slower pricess compared to non organic farming but as always, the result never lies. Now these coffee farmers improve their productivity in a sustainable, responsibe, and effective way. Applying the eco-friendly farming method and improve the income for the local people, it is a rock threw with two birds down .

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