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Cinta Raja Rainforest Restoration Site

Cinta Raja Rainforest Restoration Site


To the present, many people believe that restoring the converted or damage forest is impossible. Not to SOS-OIC though, as they have been successful in restoring more than 1000 hectares of Gunung Leuser National Park (GNLP) of Leuser Ecosystem in  Sumatra. Cinta Raja restoration site, the newest restoration site of SOS-OIC, is located inside GLNP of Leuser Ecosystem itself. As much as the other restoration sites, the land has a long story related to the corporate and human interest.

Begun by getting information due to the illegal expansion of palm oil plantation into the GLNP  of Leuser Ecosystem, GLNP authority supported by SOS-OIC patrol team conducted the investigation and proceeded to arrest 6 people in November 2016. From the expanding  investigation, it is known that there were about 15 local people owning the 100 hectares of illegal palm oil plantation inside the area of GLNP of Leuser Ecosystem. Initiating the discussion with these plantation owners, the next step of the land execution were put into their hand. Either to proceed it to the court process or they could consent their land back to the GLNP Authority. High tension filled the air in the beginning, slowly but sure clearer by each of them agreed to consent their land to be executed by the authority.

The process continued by chopping down palm oil trees, as the main crops planted on the land. During 22-28 February 2017, the cutting process was conducted by the GLNP. On the operation, about 11,250 trees on the 100 hectares land were cut smoothly without any issues.  Next follow project is the restoration  project that is trusted on the hand of Orangutan Information Centre. This restoration project began on April 2017 initiated by the construction of work cabin and seedling production. At this stage, the tree planting process has been on going.

With the strong willingness, hard work and support from many people worldwide, this project will bring the massive impact. Not only to the local people arround the forest, but also to the world. Covering about 31% of the earth, it is a common truth that the forest share vital system for any living creature.  Needless to say, forest play the most important role to create the balance system; from Oxygen provider, carbon reservoir or even climate change mitigation. Not to mention, also the ecological services for the local community water supply, maintaining soil fertility as well as the potential of ecotourism development in the future term. As the matter of fact, deforestation leads to the damage to the earth balance system and that explains why the world goes wrong. By restoring the forest, it is a way to heal the damage and bring back the balance to the earth we are living in.

Deforestation for monoculture plantation is such the biggest threath. Not only for the mega species of animal and biodiversity but also to the sake of the world in the sustainable future term. Hand in hand, we can save the world to be better for all.