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Protecting and preserving the rainforest with Mpingo

We are very proud that we added a new project to Rainforest Projects in Tanzania, Mpingo.

Why Tanzania? 

In order to choose the right project and NGO, we have selected a number of projects together with our partner FSC. The NGO had to comply with a number of core values:

  • New tree planting and sustainable forest management
  • Protecting and preserving the rainforest
  • Supporting the development of the local population with knowledge
  • Protecting wildlife
  • Having good communication and reporting

The winner soon became clear: Mpingo from Tanzania. We are very enthusiastic about their way of working and approach. Mpingo is an NGO that is FSC certified. This means that FSC supports and guides this NGO in sustainable forest management and the planting of new trees.

Tanzania has a huge surface with a wide and beautiful rainforest which is protected by the Tanzanian government. The protected nature park Selous is as big as the Netherlands. The government has a strict policy on logging and illegal logging. In addition, they are looking for the best and most sustainable way to let the population benefit from logging. Felling trees is also: planting trees.


Mpingo assists 40 villages with sustainable forest management under the standards of FSC. The proceeds of logging benefit the whole village and is used for education, care, etc. In several villages we have spoken with different people from the village council. From the discussions it soon became clear that this NGO fits perfectly into our Rainforest Projects. They amply meet all our core values and wishes. We visited the villages, schools, the village hall, care centres and of course the storage where new trees are ready for planting. In one village there were already 19,000 trees ready for planting!

Life in Tanzania

The part of Tanzania we visited is poor. The villages have a lack of everything; care, water, etc. It was shocking to see how mothers and their children do not receive the care that every human being should be entitled to. All the more reason to welcome Mpingo to our Rainforest Projects.