PWB Sumatran Class Partnering with OIC

PWB Sumatran Class Partnering with OIC

Photographers Without Borders (PWB) Sumatran class workshop is one of PWB’s regular workshop that give the participants a chance to not only learning from a master photography but also give back to OIC as the partner.

PWB group before trekking in Gunung Leuser National Park, Bukit Lawang


This November was the second class of 2017. 9 talented photographers came to this eyes opening trip. They were show how palm oil impacts people on the local and global level, how reforestation is being accomplished, and how we fight for orangutan and their forest homes from time to time.

Different people or different background do not separate us because we have one thing in common, not just stating that we care but we try to do something about it in our way. “OIC is doing such amazing works! PWB is honored to help the grassroots NGO with such an outstanding work” Danielle Khan Da Silva, the CEO of PWB, said.

In addition, Ben Marans, the PWB school manager emphasizes “Orangutan Information Centre (OIC) is an incredible host for the PWB School in Sumatra. From their strong mission of conservation and restoration of the Sumatran rainforest and its inhabitants to their dedicated and professional team, the OIC provides a perfect setting within which our photographers can hone their storytelling craft. OIC’s team is incredibly knowledgeable and they were able to answer all of our questions. They also brought us to a variety of different settings – palm oil plantations, forest restoration sites, protected rainforests, local villages, cultural landmarks – and helped us engage with local residents in an effort to build a greater understanding of life in Sumatra. The partnership between OIC and Photographers Without Borders is a win-win for both organizations and we’re thrilled to support their important mission.”

Having people to support our work is such a spirit booster to OIC. Would you be our spirit booster as well?