Safe and Sound, Maria Met Her New Beginning

Safe and Sound, Maria Met Her New Beginning

Sunday is not a lazy weekend for OIC HOCRU team. On last Sunday (10th/12/17), a female orangutan was evacuated from an oil palm plantation in Suka Mulya sub-village, Sei Serdang village, Batang Serangan subdistrict, Langkat district by a joint team consisting of OIC HOCRU team, North Sumatra BKSDA, and GLNP authorities.

the OIC HOCRU team guided Maria from the plantation


This female orangutan is estimated about 15 years old, 40 kg of weight and named as Maria. She was isolated inside oil palm plantation owned by local community, about 10 km from the Gunung Leuser National Park of the Leuser Ecosystem, her forest home. The information was received one day earlier from the farmer. Even the day before, Maria was swinging further into the state-owned palm oil plantation. Realizing the situation could be more dangerous, the HOCRU team tried to guide her out of the area while waiting for the vet.

The OIC HOCRU team were holding the net to save Maria

The rescue operation was smooth, it was likely Maria wanted to go back hFinding her in good health condition, Maria was released back to her Leuser forest home on the same day. Working nonstop and sacrificing time for their family, the dedication of OIC HOCRU team of rescuing the orangutan is beyond words.

Ricko Jaya, OIC HOCRU team’s vet was conducting the general health check to Maria


Check this video out to see some footage from the rescue…Keep supporting our HOCRU team, folks!