Saving a newborn orangutan

Saving a newborn orangutan

While most of the world was on holiday from work for the festive season, the OIC HOCRU team kept working to rescue orangutans in need. On 29th December, they worked together with the forestry authorities in Aceh province to rescue a female orangutan who is estimated to be only around one week old. Later named Eva, the baby orangutan had been found by a local resident near his farmland. He said he had seen no sign of the baby’s mother.

The baby has now been taken to the SOCP rehabilitation centre near Medan to begin the long process of rehabilitation. Due to her age, it will be many years before she can return to the wild.

Krisna, the team’s coordinator, said, “There’s no holiday if orangutans need our help”. We are so grateful for the HOCRU team and their tireless work.

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