Sending the Love for Dilan’s New Beginning

Sending the Love for Dilan’s New Beginning

Just a couple of days after Valentine’s day, the HOCRU team proved their love and commitment to save the orangutan at their best. On Wednesday (15/02/17) , the OIC HOCRU team worked together with Prof. Suci Utami and Aceh Wildlife Authority to rescue and confiscate an estimated 2 years old orangutan baby in Suka Rimbun village, Ketambe subdistrict – Southeast Aceh district of Aceh province.

Dilan was found by a local resident on his farmland

The information was received from Prof. Suci who is conducting the outreach programme for local children within the area. This orangutan baby is named Dilan and claimed to be found in a local resident, motherless.


An orphanage Dilan looked scare and stressful


Sadly, this orangutan is found in the malnourished condition and stressful. Now, the orangutan is on the safe hand of SOCP Rehabilitation Centre. One day, Dilan will be able to breath the fresh air in the wild once again. Let send all the love for Dilan’s better future, all!


Dilan is now on the safe hand