SOS Donor Trip To Sumatera

SOS Donor Trip To Sumatera

October is a special month not only for OIC  but also to SOS. This month, OIC was honored to host 6 days of SOS donor trip to Sumatera. This trip was followed by 8 participants that 2 of them are the SOS staff, Rachel Groves and Lucy Radford. “This trip is intended for our supporters to experience how it is orangutan conservation programme in Sumatera.” Said Lucy, the communication and fundraising officer of SOS.


                                         SOS team in action to Sumatra



This trip was followed by 8 people who have been supporting SOS for their fundraising activities. For 6 days, the participants visited some of OIC’s project sites such as the Bukit Mas restoration site, Leuser Nature Secondary school project, and Bukit Mas permaculture center. “This trip is amazing that I learned so much about the orangutan conservation directly on the ground. It’s humbling and very inspiring to see OIC’s work in many aspects. Such an eyes opening trip I ever had in my life” said Elspeth, one of the participants.


                        SOS team visit to Bukit Mas Permaculture Centre


Supporting orangutan and their forest homes conservation can be done many ways. Learning it directly from the ground, seeing the problem and what it can be done as the solution are important to show that there is such a big hope for our planet. Yes, the hope is real for the better planet as we work to make it sure here in Sumatera! So keep supporting us.


Sabar, OIC permaculture’s manager was explaining about the project